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Wildflower Honey


Wildflower Honey
Wildflower Honey Wildflower Honey


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Our bees love the strong scent and nectar from all end of summer flowers. This honey is very aromatic with a delicious floral aftertaste.

Though amazing on toast, porridge or roasted root vegetables, honey is becoming increasingly popular in combating hay-fever. Honey contains pollen, thus taking locally sourced honey can help and improve ones immunity to pollen allergies. 

If honey is not part of your everyday diet all year-round, we would advise a teaspoon of honey everyday at least a month before hay-fever season starts and of course everyday throughout the season.***

1,300g tubs are food grade. 

Our honey is unpasteurised. 

***Please note this is not medical advice and you should always consult a healthcare professional if you are unsure about changes in your diet.***